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Land Of Waves:

Naruto- 16.5 Iruka- 62.2 Mizuki- 60.0 Naruto(furious)- 66.5 Shadow Clones- 55.5 Konohamaru- 4.5 Ebisu- 75.7 Saskue- 22.4 Sakura- 7.0 Kakashi(reading book)- 50.0 Kakashi(less suppress /vs saskue)- 80.0 Tazuna- 5.0 Demon Bros.- 30.0 both Zabuza- 132 Kakashi(serious)- 125 Sharingan 3 Kakashi(one eye)- 155 Gato's Assasins- 12.0 - 13.0 Naruto(post training)- 27.9 Saskue(post training)- 33.8 Shadow Clones- 17.9 Haku(suppress)- 30.0 Haku(serious)- 45.0 Ice Mirrors Technique- 60.0 Sharingan Saskue- 43.8 Kyuubi Naruto(9%)- 162 Lightning Blade- 195 Gato's Army- 10.0 - 15.0

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